Head of the Department: Mgr. Ivana Havlínová, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 475 286 500
E-mail: ivana.havlinova@ujep.cz

Department of Political Sciences and Philosophy came into existence from the Department of Social Sciences in 2006. In the bachelor's degree, students can do Philosophy, Political Science, Social Sciences, or Aesthetics. In the Master's degree, students can choose Teaching of Social Sciences, Teaching of Civic Education, and Political Philosophy, which is unique in the Czech Republic. The department's staff is committed to developing European thinking, systematic philosophy, developing ethical systems and ethical issues of today. Political scientists investigate contemporary extremism, social pathology, current issues of geopolitical space in Central Europe, development of political theories, Czech political thinking, theories of democracy, and issues of power and governance. In social sciences, the Department offers Sociology, Anthropology, Economics, Law and Psychology. We deal with controversial topics, education for citizenship, and mass media. The Department also focuses on arts and contemporary aesthetics. We publish two magazines: Ergot (philosophy and social sciences) and Central European Journal of Politics (political sciences). We organize regular philosophical symposia and conferences, special lectures on current topics, panel discussions, or roundtables. All these activities are regularly attended by students, many of whom are part of the scientific teams. The Department cooperates with a number of scientific and administrative institutions. Our graduates work as teachers, in government departments, in non-profit organizations, in professional institutions, in media, or they further pursue their academic careers.