Miroslav Ivanov Prize 2019

  • Prof. PhDr. Radek Fukala, Ph.D., won the main Miroslav Ivanov Prize for non-fiction literature in category II - non-fiction literature production in the last three years. Prof. Fukala deals with the history of modern times and currently works at the Department of History in Ústí. Two books earned him the victory: The Thirty Years' War 1618–1648. Under the Victorious Banner of Habsburg Power (From Local Conflicts to Big War) and The Thirty Years' War 1618–1648. Under the Baton of Cardinal Richelieu (Tragedy of Continental Conflict), published in 2018 by Bohumír Němec - Veduta in České Budějovice.
  • Mgr. Petr Karlíček, Ph.D., won the main Miroslav Ivanov Prize for non-fiction literature in category III – works by non-fiction writers up to 39 years of age. The current director of the Archive of the City of Ústí nad Labem and a graduate of the PhD programme at the Department of History at the Faculty of Arts, UJEP, received the prize for the book Thrilling times. Political cartoons (and satire) of Czechs, Slovaks and Czech Germans (1933–1953). The publication, based on the author's doctoral thesis defended in 2015, was published by Euromedia Group, a.s., by publishing house Knižní klub in edition Universum in Prague in 2018.

Top scientist 2017 and 2018

  • Professor Dr. Georg Schuppener – Top scientist 2017 and 2018, granted by the Faculty of Arts of the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Trnava.

Assistant: Mgr. Ivana Bláhová
Tel.: +420 475 286 408
E-mail: ivana.blahova@ujep.cz

The Faculty of Arts publishes scientific monographs in its own thematic series:

  • Studia Germanica – series monographica
  • Studia Historica
  • Studia Historica Didactica
  • Stuida Philosophica
  • Studia Politologica

Our academics also publish outside these series, so the Faculty of Arts also cooperates with a number of other domestic and foreign publishers, such as Academia, Centre for the Study of Democracy and Culture, Lit Verlag, Praesens Verlag, Scriptorium, Thelem Verlag, Veduta and others.

Each department also publishes its own expert periodical.

Editorial activities at the faculty are regulated by the Dean's Directive.

Assistant: Mgr. Ivana Bláhová
Tel.: +420 475 286 408
E-mail: ivana.blahova@ujep.cz

The Faculty of Arts organizes several scientific conferences every year. For example, in 2016 we hosted the international German congress "Vielfältige Konzepte – Konzepte der Vielfalt: Interculturalität (en) weltweit", which brought together two hundred linguists from around the world. In 2017, the Faculty of Arts in cooperation with other regional institutions including the Municipal Museum of Ústí nad Labem, the Collegium Bohemica, the Goethe Institute and others organized an international scientific meeting "Reformation in the German-speaking regions of the Czech lands" held on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of Luther's first appearance. One year later, we commemorated 500 years since the publication of the oldest printed map of Bohemia at the conference "Mikuláš Klaudyán", which was attended by 150 experts. Last year at the Faculty we held an international conference "Late Middle Ages in the Lordly Offices of Central Europe."

Further information and other conferences organized by the Faculty of Arts of UJEP can be found on a separate website.

Research Ethics Board of the Faculty of Arts, Jan Evangeslita Purkyně University is a permanent advisory body of the Dean. The Board assesses ethical issues relating to all forms of research and science within the academia.

Members of the Research Ethics Board

  • Chair: Mgr. Pavel Maškarinec, Ph.D. (Department of Political Sciences)
  • Mgr. Barbora Řebíková, Ph.D. (Department of Political Sciences)
  • Doc. Dr. Phil. Mirek Němec (Department of German Studies)
  • Mgr. Stanislava Musilová, Ph.D. (Department of History)
  • Bc. Jan Hladík (student)

The term of the office of the members is from 1st of January 2020 until a new board appointment.



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