Head of the Department: Mgr. Jakub Pátek, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 475 286 451
E-mail: jakub.patek@ujep.cz

Department of History is a pedagogical and scientific-research department with a long tradition. Department of History offers programs in bachelor, post-graduate master, and doctoral studies. Candidates can choose from internal or external studies, which are focused on history, archival science and records management, or on documentation of historic monuments. Candidates can do joint studies, which the department opens in cooperation with the Faculty of Science and the Faculty of Education, or choose specialization in education in the masterʼs study. Our graduates work as teachers, conservationists, archivists, museum workers, etc. Scientific and research activities of the department are also worth mentioning: the position in the border region, the Czech-German relations, the difficult period of development in the 20th century, as well as some older topics related to the existence and the flourishing of the mining towns in the entire Krušné hory region, etc. – these topics are all reflected in the Departmentʼs specializations. Department of History cooperates with a number of national and international partners, professional organizations and institutions, and is involved in projects and grants.  An integral part the Department of History is the Cultural Heritage Documentation and Digitization Centre.