Head of the Department: PhDr. Mgr. Jan Šmíd, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 475 286 481
E-mail: jan.smid@ujep.cz

Secretariat: Tamara Šitnerová
E-mail: tamara.sitnerova@ujep.cz

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The Department of Philosophy and Humanities was established in 2021 by splitting the former Department of Political Science and Philosophy. However, the history of philosophy and social sciences at the University of Ústí nad Labem goes much deeper. We claim the legacy of the original Department of Social Sciences, which was part of the Faculty of Education until 2006 and which, by transforming into the Department of Political Science and Philosophy, became one of the founding parts of the Faculty of Arts.


  • In the Bachelor's cycle, we offer the following programmes: Foundations of Humanities, Social Sciences for Education (both in a full-time and combined form of study) and Philosophy (in a full-time form of study).
  • In the successive Master's degree, we provide the Upper Secondary School Teacher Training in Social Sciences programme. In addition, we are currently opening a new, more theoretically oriented programme called Post-human studies. Here, future candidates will acquire the academic and practical qualifications needed to pursue professions that require an overall familiarity with the current social, cultural and political situation and the ability to address current local issues against the background of an understanding of the global context.
  • It is possible to complete part of the study abroad within the Erasmus+ programme

Our focus

In philosophy, we focus on the historical development of European thought, systematic philosophy, the relationship between its continental and analytic branches, political thinking, and the development of ethical systems and today's ethical problems. Part of the Department's staff is oriented towards art history, art theory and history or contemporary aesthetics. We also deal with Czech political thought, theories of democracy, issues of power and governance, violence in modern societies, nationalism. Regarding the social sciences, we offer a wide range of courses from sociology to anthropology, religious studies, economics, law, psychology and ecology. Last but not least, our portfolio includes controversial topics in the teaching of social sciences, education for citizenship and reflection on the world by the mass media.


  • The Department publishes the social science journal Ergot.
  • We organize regular philosophical symposia and conferences, special lectures on current topics, panel discussions or roundtables with expert guests. All of these activities are regularly attended by students, many of whom are part of research teams and participate in student research projects.
  • The Department also runs the Centre for Civic Education COV.UL, which focuses on supporting pupils in developing their civic and global competencies and supporting teachers in predicting the educational needs of their pupils in the socio-economic, civic and personal areas. It also organizes open educational events for the general public.
  • We cooperate with scientific and administrative institutions (e.g. Czech Academy of Sciences, Regional Office of the Ústí nad Labem Region, Holocaust Museum Terezín, House of Arts Ústí nad Labem, Hraničář Public Hall). On this basis, we offer internships or participation in various scholarship programmes and competitions.