doc. PhDr. Václav Drška, Ph.D.

Assistant to the Dean
Mgr. Tereza Jenšíková

Pasteurova 13
400 96 Ústí nad Labem
Tel.: +420 475 286 400

Vice Dean for Studies

PhDr. Jiří Koumar, Ph.D.

Tel.: +420 475 286 412

The Vice-Dean is responsible for the implementation of the overall framework of educational activities at the faculty; checks and organizes the process of admitting applicants for the study; and supervises the proper implementation of the educational process at the faculty, and the evaluation of students. (S)he is also responsible for the preparation and organization of state final examinations. As part of the agenda, (s)he coordinates the activities and work of the Study Department of the Faculty of Arts.

Vice Dean for Science and Doctoral Studies

doc. Mgr. Pavel Maškarinec, Ph.D.

Tel.: +420 475 286 413

The Vice-Dean for Science and Doctoral Studies coordinates the research activities of the faculty staff, manages the editorial committee and is responsible for the quality of the publications. (S)he helps to maintain and strengthen the faculty's international contacts and manages the activities of the Science and Doctoral Studies Office.

Vice Dean for Faculty Development, Quality and External Relations

Mgr. David Tomíček, Ph.D.

Tel.: +420 475 286 410

(S)he elaborates materials for the conception of the Faculty development, including the preparation of development projects. (S)he coordinates the evaluation of the quality of educational and research activities at the faculty within the system of evaluation of academic staff and supervises the improvement of quality in this area and other faculty activities.


Ing. Terezie Tahalová

Tel.: +420 475 286 402

The Secretary represents the Dean in economic and operational-technical activities and is responsible for the areas of economy, human resources, property, investment and occupational safety.