Head of the Institute: Doc. PhDr. Kristina Kaiserová, CSc.
Tel.: +420 475 286 423
E-mail: usgs@ujep.cz

The Institute was established at the same time as the University in 1991 as its scientific and coordination centre. It stemmed from the specificity of the region (centuries-old Czech-German symbiosis, border character) and corresponded to the new social conditions. From the very beginning, the Institute aimed not only at exploring the Czech-German and Czech-Austrian relations in the past, but also at establishing new contacts with the perspective of a multicultural Europe. The project was supported by the then director of the Institute of Contemporary History of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic Doc. PhDr. Vilém Prečan, and it was also supported by the director of the Slavonic Institute of the Academy of Sciences Prof. PhDr. Antonín Měšťan. ÚSGS has been incorporated into the structure of the Faculty of Arts since 2008, for further information see the annual report of the Faculty.