Head of the Department: PhDr. Kamil Podroužek, Ph.D.
Tel.: +420 475 286 458
E-mail: kamil.podrouzek@ujep.cz

Cultural Heritage Documentation and Digitization Centre was established in 2008 as a specialized department of the Department of History of Faculty of Arts of Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem.

The main aim of the Centre is research and education in the field of documentation of tangible cultural heritage with a focus on buildings. The Centre carries out basic and applied research mainly in the Ústí Region. It cooperates with other expert, research and heritage institutions. The most important partner is the National Heritage Institute, the expert branch in Ústí nad Labem.

The Centre focuses on architecture, small monuments and mobiliary, but also processes other important artifacts. Emphasis is placed on the accuracy of the technical-historical qualities of objects.

The Centre has at its disposal the means for non-destructive documentation of tangible historical sources of any character in field and laboratory conditions. The well-built infrastructure serves as a base for scientific research projects within our faculty and the Documentation Center, but also for practical training of students.

It provides students with equipment loans necessary for the writing of qualification work and coursework in the field of documentation of monuments and cultural history. The Centre also provides commercial services in the process of conserving monuments. It processes mainly pre-project documentation and performs scanning with 3D laser scanners.

The extraordinary results and activities of the Centre are also evidenced by several received awards, e.g. in 2017 PhDr. Kamil Podroužek, Ph.D. was awarded the Rector's Award for Applied Research. Mgr. Táňa Šimková, Ph.D. was awarded as a co-author the Rector's Prize for the Book of the Year 2016, the scientific catalogue “Bez hranic. Umění v Krušnohoří mezi gotikou a renesancí” (“Without Borders. Art in Krušnohoří between Gothic and Renaissance”); and Bc. Roman Švec, DiS. was awarded the 2016 Werner von Siemens Prize.